Talent Aquisition at pandemic time

A reflection on our Challenges and Strategies

Effective recruitment and integration is essential to our successful operation and sustainability day by day. Our future depends on finding people with the skills, experience and qualifications needed to make a positive contribution to our values ​​and business objectives. 

 Consequently, talent acquisition is one of the most important pillars of human resources in NOA, so it is a process that is carefully carried out and built on well thought out strategies.

Our goal is to identify and integrate new employees quickly and thoroughly so that they can be performers as quickly as possible.

Last year marked a radical change in the way we work and human resource strategies and we can say for sure that it was a year that challenged but on the other hand tested the whole economy and especially the sector where we operate. Despite all these challenges, we decided not to interrupt our mission and vision at the service of clients who do not have or have limited access to the financial system. Consequently, we do not interrupt the search, employment and integration of staff capable of serving their growing needs.

The biggest challenges we faced in terms of acquiring talents, especially that of identifying them, are related to the constraints imposed by the situation, the confidence of doing business and the inability to have a clear vision of the future, the confidence of customers to received financing, perception of the market sector, massive demographic movements towards Tirana, insecurity of job candidates to change jobs, readiness of the institution to adapt to the situation, skills within the company / staff to perform, experience of candidates for use new online platforms as well as the ability and opportunities to provide online training etc.

On the other side were a combination of elements which turned into our advantages in this aspect, e.g. having a diverse institutional culture which has historically developed outside offices (65% of staff are in the field) institutional readiness, investment in technology and innovation. Since 2015 our loan officers are equipped with tablets and can file loan applications anywhere and anytime without having to work in offices. We have also been familiar with distance communication, characterized by a unique operational and infrastructural model as the strongest values ​​of responsibility, commitment, dynamism and flexibility.

A strong communication strategy, not cutting jobs and benefits instead of new employment opportunities , support and moral care and not only for the staff, were assessed as extremely positive and helped us in this challenging process.

Summarizing these essential elements combined with the strategies undertaken in terms of talent acquisition, were our success. From the undertaken strategies I would count:

  • Continuity of normal business flow, continuity of financing;

  •       Strengthening the connection of employees with the company and reflection outside the organization

  • Increase communication to support, care for and guide staff;

  • Increasing external communication on our values, beliefs, pride of being part of the institution;

  • Extreme staff engagement in promoting our values;

  • Launch of the "Choose Albania" campaign;

  • Building partnerships for recruitment;


  • Increase staff referrals for employment;

  • Switching to 100% online recruitment and choosing the appropriate platform;

  • Simplifying the recruitment process by moving to a single interview process;

  •       Re-contacting former employees for employment;

  • Focus on internal recruitment for managerial positions;

  • Develop performance metrics to measure success and draw relevant lessons as all these changes do not come at once at no cost.

  • Provide online integration training and focus on integrating new staff especially in the branch through providing coaching

      The effects of the situation we left behind will continue to be felt, but we are ready to respond to any situation and adapt. As an ever-expanding company we will continue to look for new talent to join our business strategy, in turn bringing our investment in identifying and developing their professional talent.