Social Responsibility

In addition to the company's growth and expansion of its financial capabilities, NOA’sability and responsibility to positively influence the socio-economic environment in which it operatesincreases. We are aware of the responsibility to support the personal and professional growth of any individual, within our partners network and product beneficiaries. This representsa collective dream and vision of a group of individuals to achieve success and leave a mark on the development of human society and their country.

We are sensitive to the direction the environment surrounding us evolves, in its socio-economic and environmental dimension, and careful about the model we need and want to redirect to our society, we are constantly striving to maintain the role of a responsible and supportive institution. In this frame, we are proud to express our constant attention and support to the four pillars of our Corporate Social Responsibility strategy.

Considering the organization within our institution but also in cooperation with private and state partners,we undertake physical and financial actions to clean up, protect or improve certain urban or rural areas. These are conducted in the form of volunteer actions of our staff, or in the form of sponsorship of certain projects of municipalities or administrative centers.

NOA sets a specific annual budget to support various philanthropic initiatives to help communities in need, as well as activities that influence the overall development of society and promote positive social models, such as artistic activities or sports competitions. in addition, NOA’s employees, influenced by the institutional encouragement to create positive examples in society, voluntarily provide personal assistance to different communities in need.

The structure of our institution has been constantly upgraded and improved through the inclusion of procedures and regulations that make it compulsory to apply ethical business practices, both in relationships built with employees as well as those created with partners and associates. As concrete examples of application of these standards can be mentioned:

  • Fair treatment of employees excluding any form of social discrimination.
  • Keeping up a balanced gender representation in the institution.
  • Advancement of dedicated programs to professional development and job satisfaction.
  • Creating and maintaining a good relationship with partners, collaborators and suppliers, paying attention to the selection of those that reflect high ethics in business.
  • Creating educational, consulting and assistance programs for our clients.

In addition to concrete assistance in specific projects, the internal procedures governing the lending activity of our institution make the exclusion from the right to finance a long list of businesses which, during their activity, may have a negative impact on the environment or society, in accordance with national legislation and international conventions.