Costumer Rights Charter

Every client has the right to :

The right to information :

  • Be fully informed and transparent about the process, loan conditions and changes that may incur.
  • Be informed of the risks posed by variable interest rates and foreign currency loan.
  • Be informed about the privacy policy and the protection of personal data.
  • Be informed about the policy of complaint.

The right to choose

  • Make his free choice for the benefit of his interests.
  • Withdraw from the procedures when he thinks that they are against his interests.
  • Require changes in contractual terms, which are in his interestsand are approved by the institution.

The right to access

  • To be provided with hard copies of the deposited documents and / or signed by him / her.
  • Seek changes to information previously filed by him.

The right to confidentiality

  • To be treated with full dignity and confidentiality.
  • To be ensured to the retention of his data in accordance with the technological financial standards and legislation in force.

The right to be heard and complain

  • Be heard and complain if hefeels that he hasbeen treated unfairly.
  • Receive responses to claims or complaints filed under the current procedure.