This is NOA’s story:

  1. USAID establishes NOA as a foundation while further registering it as a savings and credit association.

  2. Legal transformation of the company structure into a joint stock company, in support of the further growth strategy.

  3. Licensed by Central Bank of Albania as a non-bank financial institution.

  4. NOA’s new shareholderspromote the further expansion of the company, followed with an importanttransformation of the business model and strategy.

  5. NOA becomes the first financial institution in Albania with a fully automated lending process, with itsfinancial advisors operating electronic tabletson the ground in support of the sales process .

  6. The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) grants 5 million Euros credit line with preferential terms for Agri businesses.

  7. NOA issues its first corporate bond. A guarantee fund agreement is signed with the European Investment Fund.

  8. A novel business model is introduced by the new shareholders, Amryta Capital LLP. Their objective is to transform NOA into the leading microfinance institution in Albania.


To empower families and businesses economically, as an important factor in the development of the Albanian economy.

NOA’s vision

To be Albanian families and small-businesses life-long financial partner, improve their lives so their dreams can be fulfilled, so they can be a key foundation to the development of the Albanian economy.

Our goal

To improve the lives of Albanians by fulfilling their dreams.

Since its establishment in 1998, NOAhas been dedicated to finance the socio-economic development of Albanian families throughfunding and re-energizing small and medium-sized enterprises (SME), small farmers and family needs. NOA has proven that it has the ability, the opportunity and the will to constantly and efficiently support the growth of every Albanian family, independently their income, geographical location or access to finance.

Established with the support of USAID and transformed in 2010 to NOA Sh.a, its’ main purpose has always remained to improve the lives of Albanian families by fulfilling their dreams, professional ambitious and financial needs. NOA operates in the microfinance market with a unique infrastructure and operational model, which enables its staffto speed up the service offered to NOA’s customers within a day. This model, followed bya well-defined risk policy, has enabled the establishment of a stable customer base and a high quality loan portfolio.

Today, all NOA’s partners are proud of its “Quick and Easy" service, through which a large number of customers are served in both urban and rural areas, covering 90% of the entire territory of Albania. Loyal to its founding principles and its 20 years history,NOA’s continuesto develop a diversified loan portfolio and to support entrepreneurs from a large array of sectors including production, processing, agriculture, trade and services, tourism and agro-tourism etc.

Well studied strategies, an EU-based code of conduct, a strong management team backed by a rich network ofexpertsand international shareholders, a vibrant and professional team, all these factors embodyaltogether the reason behind NOA’s positive and sustainable growth. In addition, NOA has benefited from a rich array ofstrategic international and domestic partners such as the EBRD, BKT, Global Microfinance Fund Responsibility, The European Fund for Southeast Europe EFSE, Oiko Credit, Blue Orchard, Black Sea Trade and Development Bank, Societe Generale, International Commercial Bank, Tirana Bank, First Investment Bank etc.

*Supplementary information about the company is available on the official National Business Center website using NUIS K11604002V